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  Safety Experiment:
  The components of Anbol are come from Chinese medicine, natural plants and fungi medicine which have been taken as food and clinical medicine for thousand years in China and has a large amount of safety data available for reference. Anbol has no toxicity except a very small number of cases found having an allergic reaction. Anbol meets the drug safety requirements of any country.
  animal experiment for Inhibition of brain tumor and lung cancer:


The animal experiment for researching of inhibition of brain tumor and lung cancer carried out in our center shows that “the Anbol anti-cancer therapy” has the highest rate of tumor inhibition and security compared with the three current best kinds of chemotherapy drugs.


Human experiment for inhibition of brain tumors and lung cancer::
  Though Anbol has not received national drug approval, but as a Chinese herbal formula Anbo has been used in clinical practice for 6 years, it was originally used in a traditional Chinese hospital, and most patients are still taking it now , and these clinical data provide valuable reference material for our Study.


Anbol can attenuated the toxicity of chemotherapy and enhance its efficiency::
  Controlled trial shows that Anbol taking chemotherapy+anbol is more effective than having chemotherapy/ radiotherapy alone, Anbol can reduce the toxicity and side effects of chemotherapy. There are many cases showing that the tumors disappeared in our Animal experiments and Clinical trials.
The result of attenuating toxicity of radiotherapy /chemotherapy and enhancing its efficiency caused by Anbol maybe due to the effect of polysaccharide.
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